Wordcrafts was founded in 1997 by award-winning author and editor Paula Ford-Martin. She established the business following the birth of her first child, Cas, so that she could continue her writing career while raising her son at home. What Paula thought would be a short-term business venture ended up becoming a highly regarded communications resource among medical professionals. Only a few years after its inception, Wordcrafts had already amassed an impressive portfolio of media -- print, radio, and TV -- produced and/or edited for countless organizations within the health industry, from JDRF to The Wellness Network.

Cas followed in Paula’s footsteps. He was an avid reader and writer from an early age, and he started learning his mother’s craft as soon as he could hold a pen. In 2010, he began assisting Paula with transcription and proofreading projects. Cas eagerly learned all that he could from his mother, and they happily collaborated as writers and editors into his adulthood. Although Paula specialized in medical communications while Cas studied music education, their shared passion for language, advocacy, and teaching made them ideal collaborators for Wordcrafts.

Paula was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) in 2015. She maintained a blog, “Living With Stage IV,” to educate readers on the realities of living with MBC. Paula was a champion for patient advocacy throughout her life, and her own experience with chronic illness made her even more dedicated to that cause. 

Wordcrafts began a multi-year hiatus in 2017 due to Paula’s illness. She and her son decided together that after her passing, Cas would carry on the business in her stead, expanding its offerings beyond the realm of medical communications to serve the nonprofit sector on the whole. Now, Wordcrafts takes great pride in being the only writing & editing service reserved solely for current and prospective 501(c)(3) organizations.

Wordcrafts has always been dedicated to promoting advocacy and education through the intentional use of language... because words have power. The Spring 2020 re-launch of the Wordcrafts brand and website represents a renewal of that mission in Paula's honor. Guided by family values, the spirit of giving, and a love for the craft above all else, Wordcrafts guarantees an exceptional communications experience for your nonprofit.


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