Wordcrafts was founded by a mother who specialized in writing about pregnancy. Her son, a dedicated music teacher and advocate for transgender children, grew up to take over the Wordcrafts business. Needless to say, a love for children and education is in our blood... and we translate that passion into the communication services we provide for teachers, parents, and students from all walks of life. Whether you need a lesson plan, a new assessment, or a proofreader for your new book, Wordcrafts is prepared to help you achieve your goals. The following are just a few highlights of our work in teaching, parenting, and child development:

  • Decolonizing Music Education: A K-12 General Music Unit (pdf: classroom unit)
  • Unsung Heroes: The Marian Anderson Story (multimedia classroom unit)
  • Understanding Gender & Sexuality (multimedia classroom unit)
  • Classroom Guides for the School Concert Experience (pdf: classroom unit)
  • Re-Imagining Music Education (pdf: briefing for school board)
  • Transparency: Promoting Visibility for Transgender Teachers in Education Policy (pdf: policy proposal)
  • The Kid Turned Out Fine (print: Adams Media)


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NOTEMany publications we produce are proprietary. We respect our client's confidentiality and never post these publicly. However, in some cases we can provide "blinded" copies with client permission, as a work sample. Please contact us to view our documents.