Diabetes 365 bookI'm thrilled to announce the release of Diabetes 365: Tips for Living Well, my latest book, with co-author and friend Susan Weiner

Filled with practical information and support to help you deal with the stress and lifestyle changes that come with living with diabetes each day, Diabetes: 365 Tips for Living Well (Demos Health) offers one relevant diabetes tip for each day of the year. It also features a terrific Foreword by the funny and fabulous Jim Turner.

This book will make a great gift for anyone who is new to diabetes, or who is struggling to better control their diabetes health. You can find it at Amazon and fine booksellers everywhere.

You can also check out a sneak peek of Chapter 1 over at Demos Health.

Check out my latest, available at fine booksellers everywhere.

The Only Pregnancy Book You'll Ever Need

From boosting your vitamin intake to picking out the perfect crib, it's not always easy to figure out what your growing baby needs--especially if you're new to parenthood. Featuring guidance from top childbirth experts, The Only Pregnancy Book You'll Ever Need answers all the questions that come up after you get the big news. From your first trimester to the delivery room, you'll learn all about the different phases of pregnancy and how you can provide your growing baby with everything he needs. Complete with checklists and fill-ins to help keep track of your pregnancy, this one-stop resource includes only the most important information so that you are truly prepared for the months ahead

Charles Dickens I fell in love with Charles Dickens during a graduate class. Up until that point in time, my exposure had been limited to George C. Scott ‘s small-screen Scrooge and my sister’s faux-cockney interpretation of Nancy in the fifth grade production of Oliver Twist. But Bleak House – with its dark sarcasm, intricate plotting, and larger-than-life characters – struck a writerly chord within me. And as I learned about Dickens the man, his life and career taught me some valuable lessons as an author and content promoter.

Lesson One: Forge new paths

Dickens started his writing life as a journalist. And like most Victorian authors, Dickens relied on the good graces and funding of publishing patrons to get his early works printed. But as his career gained momentum, he shifted to serving as editor for periodicals carrying his stories and even invested in publishing his own work. As such, he became the first successful author to control not just the content, but the form and means of its distribution. The father of self-publishing would certainly be doing some interesting things in e-pubs today.